New Materials

Adult Fiction

Enemy at the Gates.jpgBloodless.jpgStone's Throw.jpg

The receptionist.jpgLightning Strike.jpgWhere the truth lies.jpg

The Maidens.jpgHigh Stakes.jpgForgotten in Death.jpg

Not happy family.jpgCul-de-sac.jpgJust One Look.jpg

Another Eden.jpgSuch a quiet place.jpgThe Husbands.jpg

Fallen.jpgTHe Night she disappeared.jpgThe Heathens.jpg

Complications.jpgTHe Show Girl.jpgThe booksellers secret.jpg

The women's march.jpgOur woman in moscow.jpgAll the little hopes.jpg

Choose Me.jpgThe bullet.jpgNine Lives.jpg

The Bone Code.jpgblack Ice.jpgThe Therapist.jpg

People Keep.jpgThe Reading List.jpgWe are the Brennans.jpg

 Hour of the wtich.jpg  Slow fire burning.jpgSurvive the night.jpg

DId I say you could go.jpgThe House of Ashes.jpgApples Never Fall.jpg

Blind Tiger.jpgMoon Lake.jpgBilly Summers.jpg

people we meet on vacation.jpgThe papr palace.jpgMusic of bees.jpg

The Final Girl.jpgLocal Woman Missing.jpgThe Last Thin he told me.jpg

The Personal Librarian.jpgOnce Wolves.jpgDog's Courage.jpg

                               Little Secrets.jpgThe final twist.jpgWarsaw Orphan.jpg                                  Vortex.jpgJackpot.jpg The Shadow.jpg



Mind on Plants.jpgKilling the mob.jpgCode Breaker.jpg

Elizabeth and Margaret.jpg Madam Speaker.jpgParadise.jpg

The ride of her life.jpgTitle: Chicago's Great Fire: The Destruction and Resurrection of an Iconic American City, Author: Carl Smith  A Knock at Midnight: A Story of Hope, Justice, and Freedom (Hardback or Cased Book): Barnett, ...

Hunter Biden.jpgDad How.jpgPoirot.jpg

Juvenile Fiction and Young Adult

Gone to the woods.jpgDead Wednesday.jpgLinked.jpg

Aru Shah.jpgSunshine.jpgBilly Miller.jpg

Ground Zero.jpgAli Cross, like father.jpgAny Way the wind blows.jpg

Meet Cute Diary.jpgSunkissed.jpgKate in waiting.jpg

In deeper Waters.jpgConcrete Rose.jpgTokyo Ever After.jpg

Realm Breaker.jpgWitches Steeped In Gold.jpgInfinity Courts.jpg

The Onese We're Meant to Find.jpgFire Keeper's Daughter.jpgHouse of Hollow.jpg

DVD's and Blu-Ray

News of the world.jpgBarb and Star.jpg

Let Him Go.jpgCity of Lies.jpg

Land.jpg55 steps.jpg

The fathre.jpgThe Marksman.jpg

Tom and Jerry.jpgSoul.png