5 Year Plan


Denver Public Library Five Year Plan 2020-2025


Mission Statement:

The mission of the Denver Public Library is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of our community by promoting lifelong learning through literacy, educational programs, technology, and civic engagement.


Vision Statement:

The Denver Public Library is committed to the growth of our programming and services to accommodate the changing needs of our community.


Role of the library in our Community:

The Denver Public Library must recognize and work to meet the needs of a growing community in a rapidly changing technology based society. The library must be a resource for information, education, and up to date technology services. Through programming, classes, and materials, both print and digital, the library is a source of information to all ages of citizens, regardless of social economic background, religion, or race. The library is a meeting place for community members to come together to share ideas and grow. The library must take an active role in the betterment of the community and partner with other community organizations to provide opportunities and resources to all ages. The library will move beyond it's physical walls to provide outreach services to seniors in the community. The library serves as a place to encourage young children to develop a love of reading, creating lifelong learners. The library is a welcoming place with comfortable spaces for those that are new to the community, or those that are long-time residents to learn, socialize, and belong.


The follow goals have been developed for implementation by 2025. Each goal has specific objectives detailing what will be done to reach the goal within the five year period. This five year plan is based on input and data collected in several Community Focus Groups held during the Spring of 2019 and a Space Needs Assessment done by consultant Shana Stuart from the State library of Iowa in the Spring of 2019.


Goal 1: Facility

All patrons visiting the Denver Public library will experience a welcoming, safe, and inviting space in which to read, work, relax, and learn, with comfortable seating areas and easy access to materials and resources.




1.    By the end of 2020, the library will replace worn seating in the reading areas by the games and magazines and add seating areas in the loft and children's area to allow all patrons to use the library for work or socializing.

2.    By the end of 2020, the library will build an additional display unit to accommodate the growing movie collection which will enable all patrons to find materials easier.

3.   By the end of 2021, the library will convert the long bank of computers into several groupings of computers to provide privacy and more space for all users, allowing for the purchase of additional seating area in the space in front of the fireplace.

4.    By the end of 2022, the library will add a conference table in the library to use for a maker space and create a space for groups of more than six patrons to work.

5.    By the end of 2025, the library will paint the interior of the library and replace carpeting, giving all patrons a clean and updated environment.


6.    By the end of 2025, the library will move the children's area to the southwest corner of the library, creating a more contained space for children and parents to enjoy, and move shelving for

fiction in accordance with the floor plan laid out in the 2019 Space Needs Assessment.


Goal 2: Technology:

All patrons will have access to informational resources in digital format to support their work, learning, and leisure pursuits in an optimal way.



1.   By the end of 2021, the library will have a plan in place and begin work on digitizing the historical and family records housed in the Genealogy collection so that they are searchable and easy to access for all patrons.

2.   By the end of 2025, will provide digital access to a portion of the library's periodical collection, including digital access to at least one newspaper.


Goal 3: Programming:

Patrons of all ages will be provided with opportunities for personal creativity, cultural awareness, and learning experiences at the library.



1.    By the end of 2020, the library will provide at least one STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) related program for elementary children.

2.   By the end of 2020, the library will work with the local Chamber of Commerce and other organizations to provide learning opportunities and resources to promote business growth in the community.


3.    By the end of 2025, the library will provide an evening story time for children of working parents in additional to the morning story time already offered.

4.    By the end of 2025, the library will have increased teen involvement in the library by establishing a Teen Advisory Board and by offering at least one program geared to teen interest each quarter.


Goal 4: Staffing:

The library will provide exceptional service and programming to all patrons by maintaining an adequate and knowledgeable staff.



1.   By the end of 2020, every library staff member will have at least one opportunity each year for hands on technology training.

2.   By the end of 2023, the library will have funds in place to hire an additional staff member to serve as a Children's Librarian at a comparable wage, to serve as a liaison to the school district and to grow children's programming.


Goal 5: Fiscal/Funding:

The library board of Trustees will continue to fulfill the vision of the library by guiding it's growth in a fiscally prudent manner.



1.    By the end of 2025, the Library Board of Trustees will evaluate the need to establish a foundation to handle future gifts and donations to the library.


Approved 10-28-2019