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The Denver Public Library Foundation (DPLF) is a 501 (3)C nonprofit organization, which was formed for the purpose of enhancing and expanding Library programs and services.  Its primary purpose is to raise continuous and long-term private funds to supplement, not replace, public dollars.

The Foundation serves as a financial development and fund custodial organization aimed at helping the Denver Public Library manage, invest, and utilize gifts and bequests.  The DPLF is your independent financial resource for your Library.

Why donate to the DPLF? Your gift to the Foundation is tax deductible.  By contributing to the DPLF, donors can be sure their dollars are contributing to the long-term growth and enhancement of Library services in our community for years to come.


YOU make the difference

between a good library

and a GREAT library


Your donation to the Denver Public Library Foundation is an investment in the well-being of your community and a  contribution to the long-term funding support for the Denver Public Library.  Please click the link below to download a copy of the donation form.

Foundation Giving Form