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Denver Genealogy and History Club

Tuesday, February 20th, 2:00 p.m.

“Rosie Riveters of Iowa”

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The Denver Public Library will host Iowa  author and historian Linda Betsinger McCann for a program on “The Rosie Riveters of Iowa” which is the topic of her new book.  Rosie the Riveter was a promotional campaign to encourage women to go to work during World War II. The men had left jobs to fight in the war, and women were needed to fill those jobs. Iowa had 70 companies with military contracts during WWII. Linda was able to speak with 35 women who worked during the war. She shares their memories when she speaks.



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The Genealogy and History Club programs are open to anyone interested in genealogy, from the beginner who wants to start learning about their family tree, to the seasoned genealogist who is well into their research. During the winter months, the group meets via Zoom. Each month a speaker is planned on a genealogy related or local history topic. There is no cost to attend any of the programs.

If you would like to get started in genealogy but don't know where to begin, the Library call help. One-on-one sessions with some of our club members can be pre-arranged by calling the Library. Members will walk you through using the Library's free Ancestry.com database adn show you how to get started.


In our Genealogy Room we have many references to help you with your searching, as well as a computer with a link to the Library version of ancestry and a variety of information and tools to use.  The room has a scanner to digitize pictures, documents , and slides.  There is a wealth of local information about families, churches, businesses that we have collected over the years.


The Library has a paid Ancestry account.  It can only be accessed within the Library and on Library computers.  Here is the link:








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