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Art Show Results 2019


Oil and Other Opaque Media

Professional 1st Place: Bonnie Erickson “Sunshine Shadow”

Comments: Very effective combination of actual textural elements on surface and implied textures. Nice painting.

Comments: Great use of texturing. I can feel the sun bounce off the cliff. But want to see more of the cliff.

Professional 2nd Place: Dolore Buchheit “Towel Line”

Comments: Triptych concept works exceptionally well with the subject. Nice painting.

Comments: Love the use of three canvases. Wish there was a bit more light in images, but overall great painting.

Professional 3rd Place: Jan Hix “Broken”

Comments: Rich and moody. I really love that this painting employs very bright colors but expertly controls them.

Comments: Great use of color. My eyes wander the canvas searching for images.

Amateur 1st Place: Cathy Michaels, “Home Grown”

Comments: Exceptional – the painterly quality of the canning jar and contents is a tour-de-force. Your other painting is also very strong.

Comments: Love the tomato jar. The way you mix colors is perfect for the image created.

Amateur 2nd Place: Deanna Graas, “Dreamy White Iris”

Comments: Very dramatic. I love how the soft velvety passages are set against the sharper details and outlines.

Comments: Good blending of colors. Reminds me of O’Keeffe.

Amateur 3rd Place: Bonnie Smith, “Fall Comes to Cedar River”

Comments: The piece achieves an almost photographic quality. The handling of the water and the shore in the lower left foreground are especially impressive.

Comments: This is a great image of the Cedar. Good shadowing. Oak leaves need a bit of work but great scene.

Novice 1st Place: Ernie Haskin, “Open Waters”

Comments: One of my favorite pieces in the show!!! I love everything about it – the shape of the piece, the textured quality of the surface, all of the little detail elements in the show, trees, and throughout the piece.

Comments: I want to jump in this painting! Lovely!

Novice 2nd Place: Linda Kruckenberg, “The Buck of Dreams”

Comments: Ambitious piece – really striking, captures attention. The little added details are also very nice – the birds, the nest, and the deer track. Nice work!

Comments: That is a big buck! Nice use of brush strokes. I like the birds hiding in the forest.

Novice 3rd Place: Linda Kruckenberg, “Endangered Feline”

Comments: Have you seen a bobcat? You captured his spirit! Keep painting. Lovely.


Watercolor or Other Transparent Media:

Professional 1st Place: Janet Drake “Long Ride Home”

Comments: Beautiful color palette. Nice contrast between passages rendered in clean, sharp focus vs. softer painterly elements.

Comments: You did a lovely job with perspective. My eyes are led down the train tracks. You also allowed the watercolors to blend allowing the paint to flow and created its own image. Lovely!

Professional 2nd Place: Paula Schrad “Stradbourg Scene”

Comments: Really stunning. Both lovely and tranquil at the same time. Nice contrast between the structures and perspective elements vs. softer nature forms of trees, flowers, reflections in water. Lots of interesting and different individual parts which work beautifully together due to the skillful eye and hand of the artist.

Comments: Your blending of colors adds nice imagery to the scene. My eyes are drawn to the petunias and then journey down river. A few more shadows on house may add a bit more depth but a lovely scene none the less.

Professional 3rd Place: Joan Kerns “Cottage Beauties”

Comments: I appreciate the painterly quality of the artist’s work. The textures of the flowers read so perfectly from a distance. It is fun to see how wonderfully loose they are when inspected closely. By the way, the corn shocks in “Fall Harvest” are likewise beautifully done.

Comments: Your title fits the image perfectly. The colors blend together nicely but would love to see it a bit more vivid with less water used. Shadows within the pot are wonderful.

Amateur 1st Place: Donna Hagen “Into the Woods”

Comments: I greatly appreciate the painterly quality of the piece, the loose gestural handling of the vegetation grounded by the skillfully rendered tree trunks.

Comments: This image makes me want to walk down the trail. You did a great job creating a darker image as you go into the woods. Don’t be afraid to use more water and let it flow.

Amateur 2nd Place: Deanna Graas “Sophia”

Comments: This painting really capture Sophia! Makes me smile!!! Good work in capturing the dimension and foreshortening of the dog’s face.

Comments: Those eyes! It depicts the dog perfectly. Good job allowing the paint to flow on paper. Don’t be afraid to add color for a background.

Amateur 3rd Place: Victoria Ulrich “Peacock”

Comment: A really well done painting! The peacock head and neck are beautifully rendered. I especially appreciate the feathery technique used to paint the feathers – very effective.

Comments: Great peacock! It is drawn well. I suggest playing with the watercolor more – adding water so that the watercolors do the work for you.



Professional 1st Place: Sandy Rittgers, “Kolob Canyon, Utah

Comments: I’m amazed – just stunning. I love the quality of this which calls to mind vintage, hand-colored postcards. Your other drawing is also impressive. I love that they are both excellent, but quite different.

Comments: Wow! The detail in your work is unbelievable! This looks like a postcard, and I want to visit. Next time try a large scene!

Professional 2nd Place: Bruce Litterer, “Where’s the Mouse”

Comments: I love the little narrative that this piece suggests. I imagine that it will be a crowd-pleaser.

Comments: Bruce, I love your formats. You are not afraid to go big and show the detail. It would be nice to have a bit more vibrant colors but rusty cans are hard to make so!

Professional 3rd Place: Bonnie Erickson, “Aitken Lake”

Comments: Nice technique creating a wonderful surface texture. Nice to look at up close, but also reading as a successful landscape from a distance.

Comments: Your pastel work is amazing, you convey an image without focusing on details. This allows the viewer to make their own inferences.

Amateur 1st Place: Mark Wilson, “Can’t Fence Me In”

Comments: There is a very satisfying, soft quality to this drawing. Dog is exceptionally well rendered.

Comments: Your details on the dog make me want to pet him/her. The shadows work well with fence. Keep drawing.

Amateur 2nd Place: Victoria Ulrich, “Isaac”

Comments: Great job. Interesting how so many elements of the piece relate: fingers and veins in the arms/hands, wrinkles in the denim, undulations of surface of leather, shoelaces, folds of shirt…

Comments: Great use of a simple pencil. Your shadowing is amazing and my eyes were directed to his hands. I wanted more though! Good job, keep drawing.

Amateur 3rd Place: Donna Hagen, “Copper Pitcher”

Comments: Strong drawing. Love the boldness and vibrant color and attention to building forms through strong light and shadow. Would be competitive even in a larger field.

Comments: What a vibrant picture. Good job with blue cloth. There could be a bit more shadowing on fruit. Overall great still-life.


Mixed Media

Professional 1st Place: Priscilla Meyermann, “John”

Comments: Bold and expressive. Would have been a prize winner even in a larger field.

Comments: John looks like quite a character. Love your use of pen and paint. Puzzle piece definitely makes a statement. Lovely!

Amateur 1st Place: Diane Peterson, “Maria”

Comments: Impressive portrait. Each distinct element reads clearly, defining forms and space. Appreciate the difficulty in achieving this with collage.

Comments: This needs to be an illustration in a book! She definitely has a story to tell. Keep up the mixed media work.

Amateur 2nd Place: Jeffery Webb, “Untitled 3”

Comments: Strong sense of design. Beautifully executed.

Comments: My eyes move across the image with your cutting. Wonderful use of colors. Good work.

Amateur 3rd Place: Diane Peterson, “Mother and Child”

Comments: Another nice collage. Love the stained glass quality of this one.

Comments: Wonderful use of colors, your perspective and dimensions are spit on!



Professional 1st Place: Jana List, “Exploring”

Comments: Sweet subject! Great choice to capture the shot from above.

Comments: This picture tells a story. My eyes are captivated by the boys’ feet – where have they been? It would be nice if the stream had a bit more lighter color. But overall I want to go on a hike now.

Professional 2nd Place: Jana List, “Sven”

Comments: Well done. Impressive – can’t believe that you were able to capture this shot.

Comments: Well, Sven is a big guy. Looks like you caught him molting his velvet. I love how he looks directly into the camera as if talking to you. I wish it was a bit less cropped so that I can see a bit more of this surroundings. Good job catching a quiet moment.

Professional 3rd Place: Priscilla Meyerman, “The Plate”

Comments: Nice shot. I especially love how the background changes color and fades off and how this contrasts with river and other elements in foreground. When I squint a little it looks like one of your watercolors!

Comments: It looks like someone was high in the air. A lovely show of the topography of the Plate River.


Amateur 1st Place: Kristen Pehl, “Fallen”

Comments: Stellar photograph. Love the cropping which makes the viewer work a little to decipher what is happening.

Comments: Good placement of leaves. It makes me imagine a very big quiet lake.

Amateur 2nd Place: Jennifer Thomas, “Cardinal”

Comments: Great photo. Extra points for shooting photo at 17 below!!!

Comments: Brrr… The frost on the cardinal’s lashes captures the cold. Nice shot!

Amateur 3rd Place: Allison Kleist, “Americana”

Comments: Very sweet, slice-of-life photo. Great eye!!!

Comments: A great title, and a great snip-it of America. I hope these girls get a copy of this photo.


Novice 1st Place: Kathy Coley, “Four Seasons on Fireside Drive”

Comments: Love the concept, execution and attention to presentation.

Comments: Wonderful dedication to the house! The colors of matts help define seasons as well.

Novice 2nd Place: Caryl Tjaden, “Hummingbird”

Comments: Great catch! Hummingbirds are hard to snap. One suggestion – frames is beautiful but I feel it distracts a little from the photo. It is a great photo, and it should be the star.

Comments: You got him! It’s hard to capture the image of a hummingbird. Nice trigger finger!





Title: “Kolob Canyon, Utah”

Medium: Professional Drawing

Artist: Sandy Rittgers



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