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Overnight checkout policies

Equipment checked out for a specific use time shall be considered overdue if not returned as stated and agreed on the checkout form.  $5.00 shall be charged per day for each item of equipment overdue.  (CD Player, Overhead Projector, Carousel Projector, 16 mm Projector, and Typewriter.)

Books, Music CD’s, Audio books, puzzles, puppets, and cake pans are to be checked out for 2 weeks.  The exception is new magazines which are checked out overnight.  Books have a one week grace period before fines begin to accumulate.  $.05 shall be charged per day for each book if not returned by the end of the grace period.
Videos and DVD’s are checked out for two nights.  There is no grace period for Videos or DVD’s.  $.25 shall be charged per day for each video or DVD not returned on time.
Art work shall be checked out for 2 months at a time.