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Circulation Services

Circulation Services at The Denver Public Library


Circulation Services:

 All Bremer County residents and patrons from Open Access libraries in Iowa are eligible for a Denver Public Library card free of charge. A Denver Public Library card is required to use the library services, such as check out of materials, computer access, and gaming privileges. There is no required minimum age for patrons to be issued a library card. Patrons will be asked to provide a current address and telephone number when filling out a library card form. The patron’s information will be entered into the computer data base and issued a card number. Patrons must renew their library privileges each year.

As a Denver Public Library card holder, the patron agrees to return all items check out in his/her name. Responsibility for returns and fines or fees is with the cardholder.

Check out period for specific media:

1. Books, puppets, puzzles, music CDs, cake pans, magazines, and audio books and tapes may be checked out for 2 weeks, with the exception of new magazines, which can be checked out overnight.

2. Books will have a one week grace period before fines begin to accumulate.

3. Pre-school learning backpacks may be checked out for 1 week.

4. DVDs and VHS tapes may be checked out for 2 days.

5. There is no grace period for backpacks, DVDs and VHS tapes.

6. Art work may be checked out for 2 months at a time.

7. Library equipment available for check out include: CD player, overhead projector, screen, 16 mm. projector, and carousel projector. These items may be checked out for a specific use time, and will be considered overdue if not returned as stated and agreed on the checkout form.

8. Gaming equipment (Wii, accessories, video games) and DLP projector may not be checked out of the library.

Fines and Fees:

1. Books, puppets, puzzles, music CDs, cake pans, audio books, and magazines will be charged a fine of .05 cents per day if not returned by the end of the grace period.

2. DVDs and VHS tapes shall be charged a fine of .25 cents per day if not returned in two days.

 3. A fine of $5.00 per day will be charged on each piece of equipment that is overdue.

4. The maximum amount to be charged for overdue materials per check out will be $5.00.

 5. Any patron that has $5.00 in fines may not check out any library materials until the fines are paid.

6. Only days when the library is open are counted when accruing fines.

Notification Process for Overdue materials:

1. At the beginning of each month, a listing of all overdue materials for the previous month shall be generated. Shelves are checked at this time for returned items not checked in.

2. If a patron has an overdue item, the staff shall make two phone calls to remind patron to return the item.

3. If there is no response, a letter stating the overdue condition will be mailed.

4. If the patron still does not respond, a second letter containing a copy of The Code of Iowa that pertains to overdues will be sent.

5. A final attempt to contact the patron will be a certified letter stating a specific date to return the overdue item. If the items are not returned by that date, the matter will be turned over to law enforcement.

Lost of Damaged Materials:

1. Charges for lost items will be the original cost of the items, plus a Processing fee of $5.00 to pay for the cost of reinstating the materials to the library collection.

2. If a patron damages library property, including equipment, such as computers, gaming equipment, etc. the cost of repair or replacement will be accessed to the patron responsible.

3. If a lost item is found by the library, lost item charges will be reimbursed to the patron.

4. The library staff will retain discretion to enforce fines and charges for damaged or lost material.

5.  The Denver Public Library is not responsible for lost or stolen materials left unattended in the library by a patron


 1. The Denver Public Library will allow materials in the library collection to be put on reserve. The reserve means that the library will try to see that the person has a turn to use the material.

2. It is not possible to guarantee that the reserved item will be available on or by a certain date.

3. All reserves are on a first come, first serve basis.

4. The procedure for reserve shall be as follows:

   a. The reserve will be taken by a staff member and entered into the patron’s library account.

   b. Attempts to reach the patron by telephone shall be made for 4 days. If the patron cannot be reached within 4 days, their name will be placed on the bottom of the reserve list.

   c. After notice, the reserve item shall be held for 4 days. No other patron shall be allowed to check out material once the reserve has been notified.

   d. If the patron has not picked up the reserve item within 4 days after notification, the item shall be returned to the reserve list.

5. Notes on notification will be kept for items not picked up. They may be shown to patrons who question their status.

Interlibrary Loan Services (Ill) The Denver Library Board understands the necessity of cooperation with other networks to provide the materials needed to our patrons. The library participates in Northeast Iowa Library Service Area, the state funded program Access Plus for ILL, SILO (State of Iowa Libraries Online), First Search, and EBSCO host.

 Interlibrary Loan is a special service provided by libraries to share the materials with other libraries for a short period of time. A patron has the responsibility to pick up interlibrary loan items in a timely manner and return them in good condition and on time. There is no charge for this service, but the limit to the number of books requested by one patron at a time may be enforced. Patrons who have lost or overdue ILL books will be charged the cost of the book or any fines or fees accessed by the lending library.  Patron is responsible for the safety of these items once they are in his/her possession.