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Amendment to Interlibrary Loan Policy

Interlibrary Loan Policy for The Denver Public Library

Concerning Interlibrary Loan Request:


Statement of Policy:

Denver Public Library patrons may request books that are not in our collection from other libraries through the Interlibrary Loan program.  This service is free of charge to library patrons.

Need for Interlibrary Loan Policy amendment:

Due to rising postage costs involved in shipping books, the paperwork involved in processing interlibrary loan requests,  and need to encourage the timely return of other library’s materials, the library needs to limit the amount of books requested by a patron at one time.


Requirements and Guidelines:

1.      Patrons may request up to 3 Interlibrary loan books at a time.

2.     Patrons must return their interlibrary loan books before they can request another title.

3.     Interlibrary loan requests are free of charge to our patrons.

4.     Patrons must return interlibrary loan materials on the date which they are due.

5.     The patron will be asked to pay any accumulated fine for interlibrary loan books or the cost of replacement as charged by the borrowing library.

6.     Materials obtained through interlibrary loan for school purposes will not be exempt from fines.


Amendment to Operations Policy – adopted by the Denver Library Board of Trustees on  April 12, 2010