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Amendment to DVD Checkout

Police for DVD checkout at The Denver Public Library

DVD Check-out

Statement of Policy

DVDs and VHS tapes are available for check-out by Denver Library patrons.

Need for DVD checkout policy

The library is experiencing a growing number of patrons who check out movies.  The library is updating our collection of DVDs each month and has added several new releases to our collection.  In order to maintain, protect, and offer fair availability to all of our patrons, the library must enforce a policy for checking out and returning DVDs.

Requirements and Guidelines

All current policies concerning the checkout of library materials apply.

The following additions to the policy concerning the checkout of DVDs are as follows:

1.     DVDs can only be renewed one time, allowing the patron to keep the DVD for an additional two days.  After one renewal, the patron must return the DVD or the DVD will begin accumulating a daily fine.  (An exception to this rule is if the DVD is being used for school or institutional use and prior arrangements have been made with the staff)

2.     Patrons will be limited to checking out only 3 DVDs at a time.

3.     Patrons with overdue DVDs will not be allowed to check out any other DVDs until they return the overdue DVDs.

4.     Patrons with a fine of $5.00 or more will not be allowed to check out DVDs or other library materials until the $5.00 fine is paid.


Amendment to Operations Policy – adopted by the Denver Library Board of Trustees on  April 12, 2010