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Art Policy Page Two

Denver Public Library Art Collection Policy

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1.     All entries must be delivered to the Denver Public Library at 100 Washington Street in Denver, Iowa. Participants may bring in their artwork during library business hours approximately one week to one day before the Art Show begins.


2.     There is no entry fee. Works may be sold, but not removed from the show prior to its conclusion. Entries are limited to two per person.  All entries must be framed and ready to be hung except for students’ work.


3.     Each entry must be the original work (no prints) of the entrant and must have been completed within the past two years.


4.     Entry size must not exceed 48 inches in any direction (unframed).


5.     The Denver Public Library reserves the right to accept or reject any artwork presented as an entry to the show. Artwork must be appropriate for viewing in a public library setting..


6.     IDENTIFICATION TAGS are to be attached to the BACK of the picture. TITLE TAGS are to be attached to the FRONT BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER.  



7.     The library will use customary care in handling entries but will in no case be responsible for the loss or damage of any artwork.  



9.     Judging will take place after the library closes on the first Monday during the show.  Winners will receive ribbons.


10. Entries must be marked NFS, if not for sale, but with the value listed in parenthesis.  If entry is for sale, prices must be marked on both the IDENTIFICATION and TITLE TAGS.


11.  Art purchased by the Denver Public Library will become property of the library and will be made available to our patrons for check out.  The library reserves the right to display, check out, and withdraw or sell the art work without the artist notification.


12. Due to space limitation, the judges will select from the entries of art work that is hung.  Every effort will be made to make sure each piece of art is displayed at the show.