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Art Show Results 2017


Oil and Other Opaque Media

Professional 1st Place: Dolores Buchheit – “From My Window”

Comments: Amazing use of color and texture and placement of hay bales in sunshine.

Professional 2nd Place:  Jan Hix – “Fisherman’s Village”

Comments: A sweet little painting full of texture and life!  Kept returning to look at it and found new things hidden!

Professional 3rd Place: William Close – “Bicycle Break”

Comments: Lovely lighting with a brilliant pop of color.

Professional Honorable Mention: Marion Wiley – “Rest Stop Yukon Lynx”

Comments: Wonderful color and light!


Amateur 1st Place: Bonnie Smith – “Florida Reflections”

Comments: Gorgeous brushwork and texture.  Brilliant composition with sensitivity to detail.

Amateur 2nd Place: Deanna Graas – “White Iris #11”

Comments: Very skillful photo realistic work.  Impeccable use of color to create white petals.

Amateur 3rd Place:  Ryan Lockhart – “Untitled”


Amateur Honorable Mention: Karen Anhalt – “Fall in N.E. Iowa”

Comments: Lovely texture change from soft focus to sharp detail.



Students 1st Place:  Madison Johnson – “Girl With Flowers”

Comments: Brilliant use of color and composition.  Sophisticated brush work.

Students 2nd Place: Madison Johnson – “Death of a Father”


Students 3rd Place:  Cassidy Perrott  -  “Meraki”


Students Honorable Mention:  Aaliyah  - “Tribute to Britto

Comments: Colorful and quirky.  So much fun!




Watercolor or Other Transparent Media:


Professional 1st Place:  Brad Mattocks – “McGregor Mill”

Comments: Skillful painting technique, lovely color harmony, beautiful composition with the curving train track

Professional 2nd Place: Deidra Miller – “Daydreams on the Lake”

Comments: Unique application of medium and spirited energy

Professional 3rd Place:  Christine Benham – “Blueberry Bounty”

Comments:  Strong technique, lovely transitions in blue tones on berries

Professional Honorable Mention:  Joan Kafer Kerns – “Tablescape”

Comments: Skillful application and strong use of texture


Amateur 1st Place: Donna Hagen – “Forgotten”  

Comments: Beautiful subtle pallet and amazing wood grain texture and excellent technique

Amateur 2nd Place:  Donna Hagen – “The Lonely Barn”

Comments: Skillful technique and beautiful compositon

Amateur 3rd Place:  Patricia McCabe  “Eco Art #1 Encounter with Beets:

Comments:  Unique use of medium, energetic brushwork.  A lovely little piece.



Professional 1st Place: Barbara Floyd-Campbell   - “Walking the Plank”

Comments: Impeccable skill and realism.  Amazing work!

Professional 2nd Place:  Bonnie Erickson - “Rocky Nook Park”

Comments: Beautiful light and color

Professional 3rd Place: William Close -  “Morning Moon”

Comments: Wonderful panoramic composition with rolling hills.

Professional Honorable Mention: Barbara Floyd-Campbell “Finders Keepers”

Comments: Amazing detail in flesh and clothing. Impressive skill!


Amateur 1st Place: Bruce W. Litterer – “Abandoned Battle”

Comments: Amazing attention to detail and the play between the surface image and what lies underneath.

Amateur 2nd Place: Bruce W. Litterer – “A Loving Child”

Comments: Intense amount of detail, subtlety of the hidden words”


Students 1st Place: Victoria Ulrich – “Ready to Show”

Comment: Highly skilled. Brilliant balance between textures

Students 2nd Place: Jazmin Raymer – “Sea Turtle”

Comments:  Amazing skill and color

Students 3rd Place:  Jordon Foelske – “Haunted Mansion”

Comments:  Quirky, whimsical, and fun!

Students Honorable Mention: Sam Lockhart – “Need A Mask”
Comments: Fascinating, thoughtful, and provoking on many levels


Mixed Media

Professional 1st Place: Alice Dolgener – “Pure Joy”

Comments: Bold, vibrant, and fun.  High energy feel to work!

Professional 2nd Place: Alice Dolgener – “Wise Men Still Seek Him”

Comments: Intensity in the color, thoughtfully created

Professional 3rd Place:  Pricilla Meyermann – “Sunflower”

Comments: A lovely little work, dynamic composition, great sensitivity in line quality.


Amateur 1st Place:  Laura Chapman – “Minnesota Lotus”

Comments: Brilliant selections of fabric to compose landscape.  Highly skilled in technique

Amateur 2nd Place: Brynn Bengston – “With the Blossoms”

Comment:  Lovely intimate composition


Students 1st Place:  Haley Bahlmann – “Cardboard City”

Comments: Lovely textures and colors, great implied depth

Students 2nd Place:  Isabella Laures – “Dragonfly Dreams”

Comments: Impeccable detail!

Students 3rd Place:  Ireland Pollock – “Little House in the Woods”

Comments:  Colorful and whimsical

Students Honorable Mention:  Emma Hennessy – “Flip Flop”

Comments: Interesting mesh of photography and painting.  Loved the sewn in rays as an added element


Student Chairs:

1st Place:  Sarah Steege “Claude Monet”

Comments:  Fantastic painting and attention to detail



Professional 1st Place: Kayla Boullion – “Hidden Hovel”

Comments: Lovely composition


Amateur 1st Place: Sandra Walker – “Puerto Rico Fountain”

Comments: Brilliant manipulation of color. Fun and Lively!

Amateur 2nd Place: Debe Merrifield – “Silent Companion”

Comments: Excellent framed composition.  Moody!

Amateur 3rd Place: Debe Merrifield – “Framed by Nature”



Novice 1st Place:  Kristin Pehl – “Caught in Reflections”

Comments:  Lovely composition and abstraction of reflections.

Novice 2nd Place:  Kristin Pehl – “Farmer’s Fall”

Comments: Brilliant color and tight focus


Students 1st Place: Sidney Schnor – “Foggy Fall Morning”

Comments: Beautiful capture of light.  High contrast,  Composition and color is spot on!

Students 2nd Place:  Jacey Meier – “Autumn Petals Denver Hills”

Comments: Gorgeous color and texture with strong focused composition

Students 3rd Place:  Norah Oltrogge – “Sunshower”

Comments: Beautiful light and clever title!



Middle School Student Work:


1st Place:  Ana H  - “Wispy Trees”

2nd Place:  Gianni Gleason – “Faces in Shadows

3rd Place:  Conner Vauthier – “Magazine Modge Podge”

Comments:  Background shows lovely use of gradient color



Elementary Student Work:


1st Place:  Iris Meier – “Nature at it’s Finest”

2nd Place:  Camille Schult – “Grant Wood Animal Portrait”

3rd Place:  Lily Frericks – “Day of the Dead Collage”

Honorable Mention:  Lucy Ditmars – “Robot Collage”




Title: “From My Window”

Artist: Dolores Buchheit

Comments:  Amazing work overall!  Brilliant variation in brushwork, color, and light.  Composition is traditional, but elevated by the sensitivity to the placement of the bales.



To Be Announced At The Artist Reception Thursday, Nov. 16.