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Art Show Results 2016


Oil and Other Opaque Media

Professional 1st Place: Dolores Buchheit – “Morning Sun”

Comments: Color is amazing. Great texture. Very much like photograph. *No frame.

Professional 2nd Place: Marion Wiley – “Alaska Stream”

Comments: Stream leads your eye to the mountains. Beautiful colors, pastel like.

Professional 3rd Place: Jan Hix – “Abstract”

Comments: Fun overlapping colors. Looks like a reflection. Strong complimentary colors.

Professional Honorable Mention: Steve Hunter – “Freebird”

Comments: Patriotic image like the stars. Love abstract nature of the bird.


Amateur 1st Place: Bonnie Smith – “Golden Sunset”

Comments: Warm colors, time of day sunset. Highly detailed branches, good blending of color. Like the reflection in water.

Amateur 2nd Place: Deanna Graas – “Mechanicsville, IA”

Comments: Boards are outstanding with corn crib. Various values and look. Weathered, good shadows, like the cropped view with blue sky.

Amateur 3rd Place: Greer Henderson – “Tulips”

Comments: Windmill focal point with great leading lines and great family of cool colors. Texture is nice.

Amateur Honorable Mention: John Rider/Diane Turnage – “Team Boheme”

Comments: Love the soft colors, great foreground, middle ground and background. Good choice of frame.


Students 1st Place: Abby Klemp“Swim with Me”

Comments: Good color mixing, like the textures, water reflections in upper corner is nice.

Students 2nd Place: Julia Klunenberg – “Fawn in the Forest”

Comments: Soft, fuzzy background. Creative texture.

Students 3rd Place: Curren Matthias – “I See Spots”

Comments: Great spots, love the yawn and mouth.

Students Honorable Mention: Caroline Stokes – “Pet Me”

Comments: Great, adorable dog.

Students Honorable Mention: Annie Place – “Busy Bee”

Comments: Beautiful wing.


Watercolor or Other Transparent Media:

Professional 1st Place: Nancy Scherer – “Morning Glories”

Comments: Love overlap and layers of watercolors. Great work with hummingbirds.

Professional 2nd Place: Merle Poland – “Landscape with Moon”

Comments: Love the layers and texture in the colors and clouds.

Professional 3rd Place: Marion Wiley – “Billbo”

Comments: Great image with lots of textures. Love the expression on face. Great photographic quality blending, very detailed.

Professional Honorable Mention: Paul Schrad – “Glory”

Comments: Mat and frame is amazing.

Professional Honorable Mention: Ann Olsson – “The Windbreak”

Comments: Great effect of winter color with watercolor media. Love the shadows.


Amateur Honorable Mention: Deloy Wilson – “Cotton Candy”

Comments: Maybe different colored frame, or on canvas. Like the salt technique for textures. Pastel colors are nice.


Novice 1st Place: Bonnie J. Potter – “Home Away from Home”

Comments: Love the frame and image together – fit nice. Clouds look real, good foreground.

Novice 2nd Place: Bonnie J. Potter – “View from My Kayak”

Comments: Like the close-up and wonderful reflection with water lily drawing eye up to the top 1/3 and blending of colors.


Students 1st Place: Miranda Rokes – “M Red and Green”

Comments: Great job shading with watercolors. Enjoy the colors, the richness and highlights. Great job in placement of vegetable.



Professional 1st Place: Sandy Rittgers – “Waiting for a Carrot”

Comments: Amazing texture of hair, beautiful craftsman of drawing, love the soft breezy clouds. Not fond of frame.

Professional 2nd Place: Jan Bernhard – “Quiet Stream”

Comments: Love the view of the stream, textural grasses and soft colors. Great layers.

Professional 3rd Place: Bonnie Erikson – “Fisherman”

Comments: Love the colors and background details for a fall image.

Professional Honorable Mention: Bonnie Erickson – “Yesterday”

Comments: Love the value, shading and texture in the barn. Beautiful grasses and trees. The ladders is a wonderful added detail; brings you into the picture.


Amateur 1st Place: Donna Hagen – “A Pear of Apples with Cherries”

Comments: Beautiful color in the fruit with highlights and shadows. Rich deep background is amazing.

Amateur 2nd Place: Allison Kleist – “Grandma’s Big Idea”

Comments: Clever idea and title. Nice color, reflection, personalized frame.

Amateur 3rd Place: Allison Kleist – “The House Sighed”

Comment: Future cartoonist? Children’s Book? It brought smiles to our faces.


Students 1st Place: G. Henderson – “Billy Holiday”

Comment: Love the words used as value.

Students 2nd Place: Katie Terrill – “Meow and the Moon”

Comments: Values are wonderful.

Students 3rd Place: Jaden McMahon – “Nine Lives”

Comments: Love close-up of the eyes.

Students Honorable Mention: Julie Klunenberg – “Once Bitten”
Comments: Love the different views of the apple.


Mixed Media

Professional 1st Place: W. Waltert – “Freedom”

Comments: Great morphing from flag to eagle. The feathers are great into the teeth. Super rough texture.

Professional 2nd Place: Sandy Rittgers – “Pink Zinnia”

Comments: Flower so incredibly real, amazing quality.

Professional 3rd Place: W. Waltert – “Rusted”

Comments: Great farm etching, excellent details and textures.

Professional Honorable Mention: Joan Kafer Kerns – “The Harvest”

Comments: I like the view from being inside the combine, beautiful sunset, nice technique.


Amateur 1st Place: Donna Hagen – “Reflections in a Pond”

Comments: Love the organic, free-form shapes on the water. Great fish.

Amateur 2nd Place: Laura Chapin – “Dancing Elephants”

Comment: Playful use of various media, beads are a nice touch. Great colors.

Amateur 3rd Place: Karen Poland – “Summer”

Comments: Love the organic shapes. Need different color frame?


Students 1st Place: Clara Phetsadakone – “Angle in the Dark”

Comments: Wings are amazing! Great texture and blending of colors. Looks like its flying.

Students 2nd Place: Brynn Bengston – “It Belongs to You”

Comments: Realistic looking heart. Great title. Love the black behind heart.

Students 3rd Place: Lavryn Podhadjsky – “Sea Turtle”

Comments: Fun turtle with various wood burning techniques.

Students Honorable Mention: Paige Harberts – “Me in 3D”

Comments: Creative use of materials. Nicely done with pink and glitter.

Students Honorable Mention: Brynn Bengston – “Space Bubbles”

Comments: Fun, creative thought for a composition.



Professional 1st Place: Brad Mattocks – “Monument Valley”

Comments: Good lighting, nice clouds. Possible more land in foreground.


Amateur 1st Place: Sandra Walker – “Blue Heron”

Comments: Very vivid bird, beautiful lighting, nice composition.

Amateur 2nd Place: Kenneth Heiar – “Nature Patiently Reclaims”

Comments: Beautiful winter barn photograph. Great frame. Love it!

Amateur 3rd Place: Tony Lutz – “Reflection”

Comments: Great reflection with amazing colors and sharp, crisp images.

Amateur Honorable Mention:  Laura Chapin – “Spring Iris”

Comments: Love the close-up, macroview is fun, love the water droplets.

Amateur Honorable Mention: Dorothea Jorgenson – “Reflections in the Canal”

Comments: Beautiful photograph.


Novice 1st Place: Brandon Rosburg – “Turbine No. 11”

Comments: Great use of visual images as it gets smaller. Love the black and white.

Novice 2nd Place: Brandon Rosburg – “Sleep Well”

Comments: Beautiful colors, still water with reflections. Love sky.


Students 1st Place: McKenna Decker – “Between the Rows”

Comments: Very sharp, crisp image, motion in the picture.

Students 2nd Place: Alex Kasemeier – “Purple”

Comments: Great focus and emphasis on front flower.

Students 3rd Place: Jacey Meier – “Frozen Berries”

Comments: Love the snow, crisp berry photograph. Background is soft and unclear.

Students Honorable Mention: Braxton Miller

Comments: Beautiful scene, great foreground with wrapped leaves from trees, good depths.


Student Chairs:

Students 1st Place: Julia Klunenberg

Comments: Awesome! Colors are intense with black.

Students 2nd Place: Annie Place – “Wayne Thiebaud”

Comments: Great colors, excellent painting.

Students 3rd Place: Sam Lockhart - Banksy

Comments: Great colo0r and use of imagery.

Students Honorable Mention: Alex Jennings – “Lichtenstein”

Comments: Great painting.

Students Honorable Mention: Caroline Stokes – “Vincent Van Gogh”

Comments: Beautiful painting on chair.




Title: “Morning Glories”

Medium: Watercolor

Artist: Nancy Scherer

Comment: Beautiful