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HEADING our Juvenile Fiction shelves these days are some great biographies aimed at younger readers. The “History Maker Bios” include such notables as Coretta Scott King, Frederick Douglass, Patrick Henry and John Hancock. While intended for younger minds, these biographies are also great for adult readers who want to brush up on their history or learn something new.

ANOTHER great series for ambitious youngsters is “Young Entrepreneurs.” Learn tips for operating your own babysitting, recycling, or car wash business. Or maybe yard work or a bake sale will help you earn your first million! Each of these guides offers tips on planning, building a budget, advertising, and other important business skills. Most of all, they encourage hard work, creativity and confidence.

The Runaway Egg

Bunny Bus

Together Always

What Noise Does a Rabbit Make
Spunky Little Monkey

Blue Penguin


Great, Now We've Got Barbarians!
Stay-at-Home Sammy and the Runaway Spot

The Green Mother Goose: Saving the World One Rhyme at a Time

Yoga Bunny
Too Many Carrots
Mingo the Flamingo
Nighty-Night, Sleep Tight
Hoot & Honk Just Can't Sleep
Oh Dear, Geoffrey!


Dog Man Unleashed (B&N Exclusive Edition) (Captain Underpants: Dog Man Series #2)
Babymouse Goes for the Gold (Babymouse Series #20)
Bird & Squirrel on Ice
Run Your Own Bake Sale Run Your Own Car Wash Run Your Own Yard-Work Business
Book 4: Elmer the Very Sneaky Sheep Book 1: Otis the Very Large Dog Book 2: Pickles the Very Hungry Pig

Marissa the Science Fairy (The School Day Fairies #1)

Search for the Lightning Dragon (Dragon Masters Series #7)
Nutmeg the Guinea Pig (Dr. KittyCat Series #5)
       Sneeze of the Octo-Schnozz (The Notebook of Doom Series #11)
The Girl Who Drank the Moon
Talons of Power (Wings of Fire Series #9)
Meet the Pets (Secret Life of Pets)
Mean Team (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows)
Dig, Dogs, Dig: A Construction Tail









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